Ottawa Food Bank fundraising wrap up

Thanks you to everyone that followed my challenge on Instagram and my Facebook page.
I thought I’d post a copy of my final run details from my Instagram page.  To see the details of each and every activity I undertook see my Facebook or Instagram pages. The links are at the bottom of every web page.
Run #12/12: 76.8km/76.8km Final Run of the 4x4x48 challenge!! – 6.4km every 4hours for 48hours (76.8km).
So excited to have had the opportunity to participate in this challenge and have an awesome support team around me!
But more importantly, thank you to everyone who has donated to my Ottawa Food Bank page ( and has supported me. This challenge was extremely difficult both mentally and physically, but having the support from my friends and family, and raising close to $1,000 has made the pain worth it!
My legs feel like every muscle has been destroyed and beaten multiple times but it was so worth it 🤙
Well played @davidgoggins well played
Still time to donate!
Ottawa Food Bank donation page:
Elite Movement Performance Assessment:
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