Welcome to Andrew Gaterell Physiotherapy – Elite Movement

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My Philosophy
  • We are partners in your recovery 
  • I will always make time to clearly explain assessment findings, my diagnosis and to answer any questions. 
  • I believe strongly in patient empowerment. Providing you with the understanding, knowledge and skills you will need to achieve and maintain personal performance goals is critical.
  • I do not believe in building strength on top of dysfunction.
My Approach

I use a multi-level approach that starts with understanding and resolving any barriers preventing you from returning to full function (work, leisure, life).  The goal is to get you back to where you were – to help the body healAG Physiotherapy.

I need to be able to do it better! This statement drives the second level of my approach. The focus is on optimized  functional movement and performance. The goal is to help you move more efficiently – Elite Movement 

What to expect
  1. Initial assessment: Taking the time to understand you and why you are experiencing the issues you are having.  This is the problem solving part of the process. 
  2. Diagnosis: To clearly and accurately explain what is happening and how it has occurred.
  3. Propose a way forward: Depending on your needs, this can be a treatment plan focused on helping the body heal followed by an individualized exercise plan focused on being able to do it better.  This includes identifying resources that can help.
  4. Treatment: Using a variety of different techniques that can include ‘hands on’ soft tissue and myofascial release, manual therapy and dry needling/acupuncture. Includes prescription of specific targeted exercises to load healing tissue or to improve muscle or control deficits. 
  5. Prevention and movement optimisation:  My goal is for you to become self-reliant and able to maintain your new level of function and performance. This will include plans and strategies to optimise your functional movement. 
Booking Options
  • Use the Sports Medicine Centre BOOKING PORTAL to book an appointment at the Bells Sensplex Arena in Kanata. 
  • If an in-clinic appointment is not an option, I offer virtual care as an alternate. To book an appointment call the clinic at 613-591-3939 or CONTACT ME directly through this link. 
  • I provide on field/ice support and care to several sports teams and associations. I am available to provide information sessions to medical professionals and teams/associations on a variety of performance and treatment topics. If interested complete the referral form by selecting the CONTACT ME  link or send me an email at enquiryandrew@gaterell.ca .

I look forward to working with you 

Andrew Gaterell