Athletic performance assessment

Building strength and performance on top of proper form and function – Elite Movement


My role is to provide the knowledge, training and tools to that you can use to help improve performance and increase your resistance to injury.


By completing an assessment of your functional movement patterns I can identify issues that are keeping you from performing at your best.

I use a variety of assessment tools including:

Creating a Personalized Treatment Plan

Once you have been assessed, I will work with you to create an individualised treatment plan to help you reach your desired goals 


Treatment options can include:

  • Physiotherapy Treatment Techniques
    • Manual Therapy
    • Soft Tissue Release
    • Dry Needling/ Acupuncture 
    • Cupping 
    • Neurofeedback Training
  • Development of a structured and Personalised Exercise Program 
  • Advice for referrals to other members of the Health Care Team

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