Ottawa Food Bank Fundraiser

Hi Everyone!!
I have partnered with the Ottawa Food Bank in the pursuit of raising $1,000 for their amazing organization. For my commitment to this challenge, I will be testing my limits with the David Goggins challenge to run:
  • 4 miles (6.4km) EVERY 4 hours FOR 48 hours
  • For a TOTAL OF 76.8km in 48 hours
I will be aiming to complete this challenge on June 26-28/2020
I have chosen to support the Ottawa Food Bank because decreased access to food, is something no person should have to face. COVID-19 has brought with it new challenges to food shortages, and this has inspired me to try and raise $1,000 to help individuals and families in our community.
The Ottawa Food Bank has created for me a web page where people can go to donate!
I encourage you all to follow along with me as I prepare for, and inevitably undertake this mentally and physically demanding 76.8km run in 48 hours challenge!
You can follow along with me on Instagram:
And via my website:
Thank you!!

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