Hi everyone!
I just wanted to send out an official update for my upcoming 4x4x48 run challenge which will take place from July 3rd to July 5th and to update you all on some exciting news!
  1. Official update on donations raised for the Ottawa Food Bank: $425!  Thank you to those who have donated so far and have supported me on this journey. Please help me with my goal to raise $1,000!
  2.  I will be starting a video blog to take you all along with me on this training journey. I will be posting videos via:
These videos will capture:
  • My training regime both running and gym work.
  • A how to on which exercises to perform to optimize stability, strength and balance for running specifically – the Elite Movement part of my business.
  • My Kanga-tech data on my strength dynamics and risk of injury analysis
  • The official run! I’ll take you along for the journey to see how I deal with the physical and mental challenges of running 76.8km in 48 hours (6.4km every 4 hours for 48hours)
Check out my website and follow along for the ride – definitely will be interesting!
To Follow me on social media use the social media links at the bottom of each page.
And don’t forget to donate to this great cause. click on the link to see my Ottawa Food Bank information page.
Click here for my video

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