KangaTeck KT360 – Using Technology to Guide Injury Risk Management and Rehab

Through observation, I can identify potential areas of concern and gather data to support making changes to how you move – improving both performance and resistance to injury. It is an approach that relies on subjective interpretation and it’s not unusual to have to try a few different things before narrowing in on the cause of the issue and being able to prescribe the most effective approach to remedying it.

I personally have had a great deal of success using this approach with individuals performing in different sports and occupations and have seen some really positive results.  One big shortfall with observation is that each movement you do relies on a complex series of muscle movements and it is virtually impossible in a clinical setting to test one specific muscle.

This is where the KangaTech KT360 comes into play. It allows for detailed measurements of each muscle involved in a movement and provides the information I need to plan effective interventions.

The role of Technology in Injury prevention

Reflecting the shift towards injury prevention through the use of technology, KanagaTech KT360 uses sensors to evaluate over 45 isometric and eccentric tests  providing accurate and timely biometric data and identification of over 50 proven risk factors.  Advanced software analytics allow activity specific profiling to help me understand injury risk and guide appropriate interventions.   In short, it provides the ability to isolate and test individual muscles and provide the information I need to be the most effective.

So what is KangaTech KT360?

It consists of an integrated exercise frame and software system that uses strength exercises to identify and provide information to mitigate the risk of soft tissue and ligament injuries. Developed in Australia, It is used by a number of professional sports teams worldwide including the Ottawa Senators. The Sports Medicine Centre is providing access to this exciting tool as part of its mission to offer the same level of services to the public that is offered to NHL players.

How you benefit from KangaTech KT360?

The data and analytical reports generated by the KangaTech KT360 system play an important role in many parts of the rehabilitation process, maximizing performance and reducing risk of re-injury.

  1. Your initial KangaTech K360 assessment provides a detailed individual musculoskeletal health baseline with objective information about neuromuscular strength, endurance and control. Information is stored and available for future comparison.
  2. The advanced data analytics and recommendations allow for targeted prescription of isometric, eccentric and isotonic exercises that target neuromuscular deficits. The more detailed information and analysis we have, the more rapid and safe gains in strength are. The same applies to the ability to reduce rates of injury.
  3. Ongoing KangaTech KT360 assessments allow for real time feedback on your progress. It allows me to quickly adjust prescribed activities to ensure continued progress.
  4. If you are injured and require rehabilitation, the KangaTech KT360 data helps me know whether your neuromuscular strength, endurance and control have returned to baseline, is symmetrical and is adequate for the demands of a specific sport or activity. Knowing this can help guide decisions about return to work/play and improve overall outcomes significantly.

Hopefully the information above is useful to you. I strongly believe that information of the type provided by KangaTech KT360 is critical to empowered patients and worth the investment of your time. For more information about KangaTeck KT360, the SPORTS MEDICINE CENTRE or myself, Andrew Gaterell, please see the websites https://sportsmedicinecentre.ca or Andrew@gaterell.ca .

Please note that team rates are available for the KangaTeck KT360. Contact the SPORTS MEDICINE CENTRE or myself for further information.

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