Concussions and Mountain Biking

One of my passions is mountain biking.

When in Australia I was a regular on my local Jacks Ridge trails (see Trailforks)  and since returning to Ottawa I’ve enjoyed Larose Forest, Camp Fortune and South March Highlands.

Having had a few spills myself and with my professional interest in concussions, I wanted to bring to your attention an interesting article I read in the January 13, 2021  newsletter titled Can mountain bikers tell if they’ve had a concussion? The article cites findings from a study done at McGill University .

A quote taken from the published study really caught my attention:

“More than one-third of mountain bikers do not recognize when they have had a concussion and continue riding after experiencing concussion symptoms or with a broken helmet.” As the authors note, mountain bikers choosing to continue riding “put themselves at an increased risk of concussion or worsening concussion symptoms.”

I encourage anyone involved in Mountain biking to give this article a read. Timely identification of brain injuries is critically important. If you  experience any concussion symptoms make sure that you see a medical professional right away.

For more information on concussions and how we can work together to help manage your symptoms see my webpage at