Performance is expensive

Think back to a time when you decided to up your game – to be able to do it better.

I’m pretty certain that there was some kind of a cost associated with your decision.

These costs may have included things like better equipment, enhanced coaching and even improved training facilities.

Less obvious costs may be physical in nature. For example –  a nagging knee issue or outright injury related to your new training/ performance regimen.

Get the most for your performance dollar

Before spending money most of us try to make informed decisions.  When considering a new gym, purchasing equipment or engaging with a Coach/ Trainer we seek recommendations, read reviews and take advantage of free trials.

Unfortunately, few will make an extra effort to ensure their body is adequately prepared for their performance journey. This can put your performance investment at risk.

Being prepared can be as simple as identifying your injury risk profile and taking steps to injury proof.

After all an upgraded gym membership isn’t that useful if you injure yourself soon after joining.

Identifying your injury risk

Taking a proactive approach to injury risk can save time, money and effort.

I use a number of manual tests and measurement tools that when combined with my experience, allows me to identify movement and strength dysfunctions that can lead to injury and performance issues.

As good as I am at this, there is always the risk that something may need multiple attempts/ appointments to figure everything out.

We get there, it can just take longer.

This is where an automated tool like the Kangatech 360 (KT360) really shines.

The Kangatech 360

The KT360 is an injury prevention and management platform currently used to test for and retrain neuromuscular imbalances associated with injury and poor movement performance. It allows for quick and reliable measurements of a range of modifiable risk factors across the whole body.

How it works

The KT360 uses sensors to automatically collect performance data while you complete a series of physical tests.

The results are used to create your personal profile which is automatically compared to sport specific profiles to generate real time injury risk projections.

The testing protocols are repeatable which means you can measure your progress over time.

For information about the KT360  see ( I’ve also included a link to a Video I did a couple years ago documenting my own assessment.


Making effective decisions

The information provided by the KT360 compliments my assessment and supports the development of specific interventions and training protocols in support of your goals.

By ‘checking in’ with us to measure your progress, any changes in strength or musculoskeletal health over time are highlighted. This allows for the ability to make appropriate and timely training interventions.

The result – better managed training programs and results.

Elite sport medical and performance teams all over the world are using KT360 to monitor changes in neuromuscular strength as an indicator of athlete musculoskeletal health, recovery and readiness to play. Having access to the same technology professional sports teams use gives you the same ability.

Imagine being able to protect your investment by identifying and addressing a potential injury before it even happens.

Ready to take the next step?

You can book a Physiotherapist guided initial assessment using the KT360 through the Sports Medicine Center.

Although there is an additional charge for the use of the KT360, you may find that the in-depth objective information it provides you is well worth the cost.

For more information contact the center directly or use the Contact Me button on my web page

I will be happy to work with you.