Why a website?

I created this website, Andrew.gaterell.ca to help you understand who I am, what I can do for you and to provide a way to share the research and information I feel is important to empowered patients.  

What I can do for you?

I believe that we are partners in your recovery, that understanding your condition, what could have caused it and the possible treatment options are critical to you achieving your goals.   I apply my education, background and experience working in Australia and Canada to develop and apply focused treatment plans to get you back to doing the things you love as fast as possible.

Elite Movement?

As a physiotherapist my primary focus is on treatments that help the body heal/regain function and I have had a lot of success in doing just that. I also have a longstanding interest and extensive experience working one-on-one with athletes and teams involved in a range of sports. I chose the name Elite Movement to represent the performance optimization part of my business. You can find more details about this under the “Elite Movement” heading on my site menu.

Location, Location, Location!

Like many Physiotherapists in the Ottawa area I am a contractor providing services out of private practice settings across the city. You can always find where I am working and how to contact me using the “where to find me” tab on this site. 

Thank you for visiting my Website, I look forward to working with you.