Performance Optimization

You’ve completed your Performance Assessment – what happens next?

Now that that your performance assessment is done we have a pretty good idea of your functional movement strengths and weaknesses.

Next, we need to validate what you hope to achieve and why you are doing it – your motivation.

And then, I put together a plan for getting you there – a kind of road map.

What makes up my road map?

I don’t believe in building strength on top of dysfunction.

The first stage of your journey always focuses on a establishing a solid foundation. Only when movement dysfunction and/or areas of weakness are addressed do we start on work to improve function and performance.

The next steps in your personal journey will depend on your goals and motivations.

I don’t believe in one size fits all plans – so I take the time to do the research and to understand what it will take for you to achieve your goals.

Then I draw on my resources to develop a realistic plan to help you get to where you need to be.

One thing for sure though, being able to do it better means commitment, time and energy.

Why choose me?

I have extensive experience working one-on-one with individuals in occupations that place high levels of physical stress on their bodies.

This includes athletes (Professional to weekend warrior) and individuals working in roles that require physical exertion and repetitive motion (First Responders, health care workers and construction).

I am a teacher at heart and believe that you are responsible for your success. My role is to provide you with the guidance, knowledge and skills you need to achieve your goals.

I have worked with amateur and semi-professional athletes in many sports including running, mountain/road biking, triathlon, dance/gymnastics, golf, football, weightlifting, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and motocross. 

My team sports experience includes working with Division-1 Rugby and 2nd Division Soccer teams in Australia as well as the Carleton Place Canadians Junior A CJHL hockey team.

My degree in Human Kinetics, the study of human movement, compliments my Masters Degree in Physical Therapy and supports an in-depth understanding of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, psychomotor behaviour, and other fields with a focus on improving human function and performance. I have the educational background to support your journey to performance optimization. 

Talk to me about booking a session and seeing first hand how I can help.