Performance Assessment

Has your athletic or personal performance plateaued, regressed or are you prone to injury? An assessment and exercise movement plan can lead to performance optimisation.

Is your focus on sports activities or does your work involve heavy physical demands? An assessment of how you move can identify issues that are keeping you from performing at your best.

After assessing your performance, I can suggest changes to how you move and provide an individualized exercise program targeting performance optimisation. My goal is to provide the knowledge , training and tools to that you can use to help improve performance and increase your resistance to injury.

My affiliation with the Sports Medicine Center gives me access to resources typically offered to professional athletes.

I am excited to have access to the KangaTech 360, an injury prevention device with advanced software analytics. KangaTech provides real time sports specific profiling that helps identify injury risks and guides prescription of appropriate interventions. It is used by a number of Professional sports teams worldwide.

My Experience

I have successfully worked with professional and amateur athletes in Australia and Canada helping them to identify the reasons behind performance issues, chronic pain and dysfunction.

A list of sports includes hockey, soccer, tennis, golf, rugby, mountain biking, motocross, MMA, running and Triathlon. Most recently I have provided support to the Carleton Place Canadians Junior A CJHL Hockey Team as a therapist/ on ice trainer.

Outside of sports, I have worked with a number of individuals to assess functional strength and recurring injury issues. These individuals are employed as First Responders, health care professionals and in jobs that involve repetitive actions and heavy lifting.

Building strength and performance on top of proper form and function – Elite Movement