Physiotherapy Treatments

Physiotherapy is about problem solving. This means figuring out why you are experiencing the problems you are having and working with you to improve how you function.  

Physiotherapy treatments cover a wide range of rehabilitation activities, are evidence based and focused on restoring functional movement.  Your first visit will involve a comprehensive assessment of your condition to determine what is the cause of the issues you are experiencing. This can include the use of the Kangateck KT360 to allow for in-depth objective insight into isolated neuromuscular strength, endurance and control.

Once we have a cause, I will propose treatment options that targets your specific condition and continue to work with you to restore your function – help the body heal.

My Process
  • Identify the cause of your movement issues. A multifaceted, in-depth assessment that can include functional movement analysis, physical testing and most importantly by listening to you;
  • Provide a clear diagnosis, explaining the nature and cause of your pain and taking the time to ensure that you understand;
  • Present treatment recommendations and plans that consider your concerns and objectives;
  • Treat the issues by using different techniques and movement education. Hands-on procedures may include joint mobilization and manipulation, Soft tissue techniques and Myofascial Release. Other treatment modalities include Dry Needling and Western Acupuncture approaches, electronic muscle stimulation, bio feedback and Taping. 
  • Prevention and movement optimisation by providing you with exercises and/or positional education to help to manage your pain and begin to increase your strength and overall function.

Each session is individualized and designed to help you reach your specific goals.