Elite Movement

My primary focus as a Physiotherapist is treating patients who suffer from function or mobility issues. This includes diagnosing an injury and rehabilitation. Select this link for more information on Physiotherapy.  Quite honestly this takes up most of my available time. 

What is Elite Movement?

I introduced the Elite Movement “brand” to bring focus to the work I am doing to help individuals improve performance levels and resistance to injury. 

Treating more than just an injury

I have spent years involved in competitive sports and developed a real passion for helping others reach their “I need to be able to do it better” goals.

Under Elite Movement I work with you to identify performance limiting movement and strength disfunctions and then recommend specific resources and activities that will help you succeed.

Think of me as a guide that can develop a plan of action, introduce you to resources that can help while  actively monitoring your progress. 

Who is Elite movement For?

Anyone with an interest in being able to do something better. Past clients have included

  • professional and amateur athletes looking for a performance edge as they get ready for tryouts/scouting combines and tournaments 
  • those working in the trades 
  • first responders, or
  • anyone that preforms repetitive motions or heavy lifting as part of their daily tasks.     
Education and Learning

Degrees in Human Kinetics and Physiotherapy that support an in-depth understanding of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, psychomotor behavior with a focus on improving human function and performance. I continue to seek out learning opportunities with experts in sports medicine, rehabilitation, therapy and training. 

Talk to me about booking a session and seeing first hand how I can help.