About Me

Hi, my name is Andrew Gaterell and I am a Physiotherapist with over 9 years experience at private practice clinics in Canada and Australia. 

In addition to my physiotherapy degree, I have a degree in Human Kinetics (the study of human movement) and am currently pursuing a diploma in sports physiotherapy through Sports Physiotherapy Canada. 

I believe strongly in patient empowerment. I will always take time to clearly explain the findings of my assessment in a way that you can understand and ensure that your concerns and objectives are incorporated to any treatment recommendations and plans.

Clinically, I am happy to treat all patients, of all ages, with all musculo-skeletal complaints. I do however have a special interest in the diagnosis, management, treatment and prevention of sports injuries.

More about me

My go to sport has always been soccer. In fact the injuries I’ve suffered playing the ‘beautiful game’ were a driving factor in pursuing Physiotherapy as a career. So if you play soccer and need help getting back to your game, I can safely say I understand and can help. 

I am eternally curious by nature. This has led me to try many of the very sports and activities that  contributed to my patients having to see me in the first place.

These diverse experiences help me better understand your needs as a patient while making me a better diagnostician. It also led to my getting PADI certification and swimming with sharks in Australia – how cool is that?  

I’m not saying that I ever approached the level needed to be a professional at any one sport or activity, (outside of soccer of course). Just that I’ve managed to absorb enough to be able to offer specific treatments, approaches and strategies to not only support effective injury rehabilitation, but move you along the path to optimizing functional movement and performance.

Contact me.  I’m always open to new challenges. If I haven’t tried your activity before, you may become my new “teacher”.  

Continuous Learning

I’m constantly pursuing new learning experiences and knowledge to help me become a better Physiotherapist. This is part of the reason I went to Australia for a few years. The exposure to different sports, activities and approaches was priceless. 

I’ve even done some work with a professional videographer. Take a look at this video I did for a Mixed Martial Arts client on taping a sprained finger and another on how to field assess and stabilize a trail running injury.  The goal to provide tools that educate.

The use of diagnostic technology is another important learning focus for me. Check out the information about the Kangatech testing and training platform and the objective insights it can bring to injury assessment,  understanding and minimizing injury risk, rehabilitation and training.  I have access to this amazing tool at the Sports Medicine Center

More me

Outside of work, I spend my time training and competing in individual and team sports. I am an avid competitive soccer player having competed in Canada, England and Australia. In addition to soccer, I spend my time: mountain and road biking, rock climbing, surfing, playing ice hockey, running and strength and conditioning training. I completed my first 10k marathon in 2022 and in July 2023 completed the 70.3 Ironman in Muskoka Canada. I am aiming to do more.

I’ve also worked with Provincial and National Special Olympics teams and athletes, local youth soccer clubs, provided therapy support for a level ‘A’ rugby club in Australia and for couple of seasons to a CCHL Jr A hockey team in Canada.